So, you stumbled upon this site did you? Well, youíre welcome to stay and enjoy all the dickgirl erotic art Iíve drawn over the years. Here you will find pinups, hardcore fucking and no small amount of just pure perverted nastiness... There are also quite a few celebs given the dickgirl treatment, how does Emma Watson with a big throbbing cock sound? Or maybe Princess Leia? If that sounds like something that will float your boat, fill your cup of tea and tickle your horny bone, feel free to sign up!

Recent Updates:

Sophie Turner from Game of Thrones fame gets her sissy ass stretched wide open by her black bull owners!

Peggy Bundy busting out of her clothes after some weird sideeffects from dietpills..... !

Jennifer Lawrence pissing her pants... Must be all that coffee ;)

Hommage to the old Sheena comics, but with an added big bonus! ;)

Selena Gomez goes total bimbo! Big ass, big tits and bleached hair?

Phat ebony goddess bursts out of her designer clothes! I just love to draw curvy chicks! :D

X-Men parody again! Jean Grey stretched wide open by the demon cock of her clone Goblin Queen!

Janeway teaches Seven about the all-too-human act of deep butt fucking!

Scarlett Johansson spreads her asscheeks! I mean, what more do you want!?

Superstar and superhottie Anna Kendricks seems to have misplaced a recent selfie...

Virgin Femboy undressing, anxious to get his first taste of cock and have his boypussy filled...

Spaceballs: The Adventure Of Leias lowhanging nutsack!

Which Game of Thrones girls has gone all bimbo??

Fit blonde is bursting out of her swimwear!

Gorgeous Ariana Grande getting her juicy asspussy filled with a fat cock making her cream all over!

Bend over you little bitch, do as Doctor Lovegood orders!

Kelly Bundy discovers her tits have grown almost as large as Peggy's the last year! Her cock too!

Hermione Granger and Cho Chang battling it out with transformation curses!

The pairing you didn't know you wanted! Gillian Anderson and Christina Hendricks!

Post apocalyptic Amazon dickgirl of the Wasteland!

The Bundy women are hot slutty shoe shopping...

Wonder Woman jerks off both herself and Power Girl!

Sissy slut finally gets to enjoy the cock of the black guy she been lusting after all summer!

Peggy Bundy once again, I guess we can safely say that transartstudio is also a fan site for Peggy and Kelly Bundy porn:P

Padme aka Natalie Portman having some issues with fitting her enormous tits in her dress, completely forgetting on covering her fat flaccid cock :P

Followup drawing this time, the smoking hot black officeworker has gotten herself a little sissybitch to swallow her massive load of cum!

Large titted she pirate with dangerous curves and big swords, both meat and steel ;)

X-Men's smoking hot black goddess Storm showing off her glorious ass and biiiig fat cock with a special cockring..... ;)

The Bundy's are at it again! Peggy dishing out some severe punishment on poor Kelly!

Aunt May from Spider-Man Homecoming played by superhot Marisa Tomei comes across some very stubborn spiderweb while cleaning!

Imagine if your incredibly sexy black coworker suddenly pulled down her panties and teased you with her big fat cock!?

Scarlett Johansson as Major Motoko Kusanagi in the classic uniform from the original anime!

Fran Drescher fucks Ariel Winter balls deep in her young tight ass!

Wendy is transforming into a perfect bimbo futa specimen!

Dungeons and Dragons type assassin wielding her "three" weapons ;) Traditional pencildrawing this time!

80s teen starlet Jennifer Connelly suddenly bursts with enormous tits and fat cock ripping through her clothes!

Rogue from X Men has her bikinibottom pulled off revealing her throbbing cock.

Impossibly alluring futa succubus, you will not be able to resist her!

Stupid sissy slut whore gets her hard punishment from her Mistress!

Completely turned into a bimbo sissy slut, she's just a bbc cumbucket giving her asspussy to whomever wants it.

Mila Kunis found herself a new bitch.... !

Black Queen of the jungle out hunting, but for what...? ;)

Ebony seductress revealing her fat flaccid cock to you. Can you handle it??

Sassy bottomless domina wants you to suck her fat cock clean!

Part 2 of the Peggy Bundy home porn video creations.

Miley Cyrus futa giving some lucky bastard a sexy footjob until he cums all over her soles.

Now, this is a big one... Three WWE girls gangbanging Wonder Woman!! Wall to wall with cocks and balls!

Toned and sexy black futa with a fat anaconda that is just too damn big for her bikinibottom!

More of the old classic KJ hardcore fetish art here. Katy Perry nipplefucking herself until she fills her own tits with cum! Who said I only draw vanillaporn?? :P

And now for something different, fanart of uber shemale Bailey Jay as she fucks tight Velma from Scooby-Do in her virgin ass! Jinkies!

The hottest two redhead agents fuck eachother hard! Dana Scully gets her juicy ass drilled by Black Widow aka Natasha Romanoff.

Futa Selena Gomez has just finished off both her gloryhole black bull partner and herself, cum mess everywhere ;)

Black Cat in the tightest spandex outfit yet, her fat flaccid cock is showing every little vein and wrinkle through the fabric...

Kinky bondage scenario this time. An unlikely crossover with shemales Miley Cyrus and Harley Quinn tormenting poor Kensi from NCIS.

Curvy SpiderGwen wants you to help her with the big cock she can barely contain in her tight superhero outfit ;) There are three versions of this uploaded.

Harry Potter sex parody; Tonks and Hermione experimenting with shapeshifting and forbidden sex! One of my many Harry Potter universe drawings, and there will be more to come ;)

A dark futa demon from your nightmares, or perhaps fantasies?

Amanda Americana, superagent of the Post WW2 era has been captured by the Nazis. In a timeline where they won the war, agents like Americana often find themselves in dangerous situations, but nothing like this.

Curvy young futa girl getting one helluva prostate orgasm from a big fat black cock. Big bull using his little girl like the sissy she is!

Supercute young teen shemale revealing her big fat shecock to you in a backalley!

Big assed and well hung shemale Peggy Bundy decides to make money on the sides with a sextape!

Supercute doll riding a big fat black cock hard!

It had to happen, Scarlet Witch facefucks Black Widow!

Yet more Star Trek girls! Beverly Crusher and Deanna Troi this time fucking hard, maybe a followup to my old drawing of them ;)

Finally time for some Star Trek Voyager ladies again! Torres learns the consequences of disobeying orders! Two versions uploaded to Parodies.

1950s futa milf gets her boypussy filled to the brink with black cock.

Futa celebrity threesome featuring Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, and Carrie Underwood!

This time Agent Carter encounters the tesseract with astonishing results!

Scarlett Johansen aka Black Widow exploding with muscles, huge cock and tits after a close encounter with the tesseract.

Shemale Katy Perry breaking in her new sissy slave slut Ariana Grande!

Monstercock shemale soldier packing heat and meat!

Enormous hulking shemale with horsecock with her little slut slave!

The NCIS team encounters something that could be from an X-Files episode!

Steroid juiced mountain of a sexy futa ready to fuck you senseless with her monstercock!

Tim had finally become the sexy shemale he wanted to be, and go out looking for big cocks to fill his asspussy with sticky cum!

Gorgeous black shemale pulling down her panties to reveal her monstercock and huge buttplug!

Superhot celebrity Chloe Moretz getting drenched in cum from two big fat black cocks!

Helen Parr aka Elastgirl aka Mrs Incredible can't seem to fit her giant milf cock and balls in her tight yogapants...

Is lowhanging round droopy balls your thing on a shemale? Then you're gonna love this!

Smoking hot fit teen shemale with oiled up body and a fat hard cock almost bursting out of her little panties..

Attack of the monster cock again!!! Musclebound amazon tittyfucking her slut.

Poor Velma got so excited about ghosthunting she forgot her panties at home... Jinkies! Whos balls are showing??

Bottomless teen shemale showing off her plump ass and fat cock in this markerdrawing.

The hottest redhead in the galaxy, Dr. Beverly Crusher nude and revealing her plump ass and ever fatter cock and balls! Star Trek TNG sexparody!

Sassy shemale Emma Stone inviting you to slobber all over her rock hard cock and soft balls!

Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift in a crazy growth sequence, exploding out of their clothes!

Curvy and fit ebony beauty with a glorious large cock awaits you...

What happens to Taylor Swift's body when she looks into a magical mirror!?

The Ooze has some strange effects on April in Teenage Mutant Ninja Heroes played by Megan Fox ;)

Can YOU resist the temptation of her round ass and soft droopy balls?

Sheena The Queen of the Jungle might be in need of bigger panties :P

Mom handed out one too many groundings to her son, his payback is priceless!

Wife and her black lover turns husband into a smoking hot bimbo sissy!

Chrono Trigger porn parody featuring Flea and Ayla.

Modern Family futa spoof. Sarah Hyland as Haley and Ariel Winter as Alex a few seasons later...

Big tit queens Amy Anderssen and Masarati are having an encounter in a strip club...

Kate Perry has once again taken another celebrity capture! Kate Perry and Taylor Swift porn parody!

Red Sonja uses her meatsword to conquer Link's tiny little butthole! Zelda and Red Sonja sex parody!

Goblin Queen has finally captured Jean Grey and is using her for her freakish sexual experiments!

Selena Gomez caught worshipping black cock. Filmed while being a gloryhole slut.

Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence suddenly transforming into shemales !

Link using unconvential methods to solve the puzzles. Zelda Ocarina Of Time like you've never seen it before ;)

Kaley Cuoco taking a break from filming Big Bang Theory and stroking her Big Fat Shecock instead!

She takes justice in her own hands, and cock... :P Nobody is safe from the punishment of VIGILANTA!!

Shemale teen showing off her sweaty tight body and fat flaccid shecock :D

Jennifer Lawrence in two versions enjoying a really messy good time together ;)

Mommy goes elbow deep in her sissyboy's soft ass!

Steaming hot Mass Effect shemale threesome! Fem Shep, Diana and Ashley fucking hard.

Latina shemale mistress is showing off her precum dripping fat flaccid cock...

Bianca Beauchamp and Puma Swede in a freaky timetravelling experiment!

Peggy Bundy has grounded Kelly in the basement once again, and all she's served is mommy's cum!

Katee Sackhoff getting a balls deep assfucking by Michelle Rodriguez!

Short series of sissyboy Link and his misadventures in a new KJ Zelda parody! Page 3.

Spiral and Psylocke in one crazy sexual encounter involving triple cocks, insane penetrations and fisting!

Short series of sissyboy Link and his misadventures in a new KJ Zelda parody! Page 2.

Short series of sissyboy Link and his misadventures in a new KJ Zelda parody!

Shemale Kate Beckinsale is filling up Jennifer Lawrence's dripping pussy with her big meaty cock. Cum and non cum version uploaded.

Sucker Punch shemale threesome! Babydoll getting it from both ends by Rocket and Amber. Two versions posted, cum and no cum.

Black beauty Lenora Crichlow from Being Human shows off her big throbbing cock and balls!

Gorgeous girls turned into mutant freaks.. You might recognize them ;)

Two twin shemales with enormous horsecocks are ;)

Mass Effect's Subject Zero or Jack if you will is about to surprise you with her monstercock!

NCIS chicks Abby and Ziva exploding into amazonian bodybuilders with massive cocks!

Future 18 year old Chloe Moretz tittyfucking herself. Hit Girl from Kick Ass 2 sports a huge cock this time, it's her new favorite weapon ;) Cum and non cum versions uploaded.

Star Wars The Old Republic scenario; Jaesa Willsaam fucking the hell out of Vette the twi'lek

Dickgirl Michelle Williams as Marylin Monroe gives shemale Helena Bonham Carter as Elizabeth Taylor one helluva good time

Ellie fucks Joel in this The Last Of Us spoof

Black teen beauty with her fat cock

Jessica Simpson and Martha cumblasting eachother

Big girl Christina Aguilera ready for you

Hermione and her magic tricks having gone wild having turned J.K. Rowling into a superhorny bimbo slut

Shemale Emily Browning as Babydoll getting fucked by dickgirl Carla Gugino as Dr. Vera Gorski

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